Monday, October 1, 2007

UIC TV commercial

On the 12 September i shot a TV commercial for UIC, a house hold washing detergent Brand here in Singapore. This is the second TV commercial we have produced for them. Our director, Aod Thanatchai came down from Thailand to help us direct the commercial.
The crew: Jeremy Desouza, me, Simon Tan, Brandon Lee

Our producer Alex had the difficult task of making sure we didn't over run. Sadly for the freelance crew we couldn't afford to over run because Aod had to fly back to Bangkok at 2030 and i had to fly to Tokyo at 2330 that night. Thinking back to our previous commercial for UIC, where we OT for 11 hours, i was skeptical that we would finish on time. But we did, in fact i think we finished ahead of time.
We employed the service of Chris Leong who helped us to build us a kitchen set, where all the scenes would take place.

Using the 4k space lights was a first for me. The light provided me with more than enough fill for the scene with an overall of f5.6-5.61/2. After that, we started adding in the high lights. We bashed a 5k fresnel through a window to create patterns on the back wall and another 5k through a grid cloth for a bit more frontal fill. We had 1k fresnels with 251, creating the back light on the actors.
After a postmortem with Aod, i learnt that next time i must keep an eye on the over exposed areas of frame. And always keep it soft.
We shot with the Arri 435 200T vision 2 5217

Directed by Aod Thanatchai
Produced by Alex Feng

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